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Clean Energy Projects & Business Link Drop

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Some big clean energy projects, policies, and business news from the past week or so (other than what we’ve covered).

Clean Energy, in General

Saudi Arabia inks Areva clean-tech deal

Oil-rich state raises prospect of reduced dependence on fossil fuels through use of nuclear and solar power….

Ohio Boasts 9,000 Green Jobs in Wind and Solar Power

Rebuild the U.S. manufacturing sector through green technology? If you’re a pessimist, you may immediately respond, “Yeah, tell that to the Chinese”… and use this month’s news of Evergreen Solar moving its factory from Massachusetts to China as evidence. Yes, China’s got a healthy lead on the renewable energy manufacturing front, but all’s not glum on this side of the Atlantic….

In a dark recession, green jobs grow strong in greater Minnesota

Bemidji, Minn. — Manufacturing has been hit hard by the recession. But some Minnesota manufacturing companies are thriving and creating new jobs. They’re part of a small sector in the emerging “green economy.”

State officials say more than half of those new green jobs are popping up in areas of Minnesota outside the Twin Cities metro….

Kenya heats up $2.6bn geothermal plan

Kenya has confirmed that it will embark on a 10-year, $2.6bn geothermal exploration plan that will result in the sinking of 566 wells in the Great Rift Valley….

PepsiCo on track to becoming “fossil fuel free” by 2023

PepsiCo has unveiled significant savings in water consumption, energy use and waste sent to landfill as it continues to make progress towards its goal of becoming one of the world’s most sustainable businesses….

Solar Energy

Beecher business association aims to power city with solar panels

BEECHER, Michigan — Imagine driving a 1.5-mile stretch of Saginaw Road and seeing solar panels on every business.

It could happen.

The Greater Beecher Business Association wants to create a “solar city” — installing solar panels on all 66 businesses along Saginaw Road between Carpenter Road and I-475….

Solar Power Brings Water to Thousands of African Refugees

Most of our stories focus on solar initiatives in the United States, since that’s where we are located and where our interests lie. But every once in a while a solar story comes along that is so heartwarming, we can’t resist, even though it’s taking places thousands of miles away.

The story of solar drinking water supplies in Akobo, on the border between Ethiopia and Sudan—where potable water resources are historically stretched thin, limited by an arid climate and a lack of development dollars—is one of hope and help….

Yorkshire hosts UK’s largest solar housing project

South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) is on course to own more solar powered properties than almost any other organisation in the country after its 120th house signed up to its flagship renewable energy project….

Cincinnati Zoo Swings into Solar Fame

The Cincinnati Zoo has been calling itself America’s greenest zoo for a while now. But this year, it’s putting its money where its mouth is by building a 1.56-megawatt solar energy system which will provide about one-fifth of its energy needs….

Prime Time Produce will pay $1.3 million for solar system

The California firm Prime Time Produce will pay $1.3 million for Sunvalley Solar Inc. to install a solar system that will provide 285 kilowatts of power….

New Jersey newspaper publisher plans to use 20,000 solar panels

North Jersey Media Group wants to draw half of its electricity from solar power….

Scientists Make Solar Power Even More Affordable

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, are studying a new form of carbon which may help make organic solar photovoltaic (OPV) cells and panels cheaper, thus increasing uptake….

Wind Energy

Sarkozy set to announce first wave of offshore wind farms

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is today expected to issue the tender for the first wave of French offshore wind farms, as part of a major new programme that could deliver up to 8GW of new capacity….

US Wind Energy Suffers in 2010, Cost-Competitive with Natural Gas in 2011

With wind energy becoming cost-competitive with natural gas for new electric generation, the feast-or-famine, boom-and-bust cycle of wind energy development in the United States is poised to move into a growth phase at the beginning of 2011….

Siemens Renewable-Energy Unit to Add 2,000 Jobs This Year

Siemens AG, Europe’s largest engineering company, will add at least 2,000 jobs at its renewable-energy division this year, as the business expands to meet rising demand for clean energy.

Siemens has invested “hundreds of millions” of euros in wind energy since it entered the industry with an acquisition in 2004, Rene Umlauft, chief executive officer of the unit, said in a telephone interview yesterday. The unit employed 800 people in 2004 and plans to add to its current workforce of more than 7,000, he said….

Home Wind Turbine a First for San Diego

Driven by his desire to go green, Tim Williams recently became the first San Diego resident to install a wind turbine at his home. The 3.4-kW Falcon turbine, a product of WePOWER, has since gone live, and will hopefully convince other homeowners to follow suit….

UK tops world offshore wind league

The UK has cemented its position as the world’s largest offshore wind producer with 1,341MW of installed capacity – almost half of Europe’s total capacity….

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