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Published on September 1st, 2009 | by Beth Graddon-Hodgson


New Water Fountains Fill Only Non-Disposable Bottles in UK

September 1st, 2009 by  

Water Dispensing Technology


A new water dispensing technology created by UK designer Oliver Craig could change the way that European shoppers and commuters drink water, and it’s a technology that could help eliminate water bottle waste that’s cluttering international landfills greatly due to increased convenience.

Today, it can be a challenge to get a refill of fresh water from a hygienic source when on the go, so many commuters and shoppers traversing the UK streets who find themselves thirsty are forced to go into a local shop to purchase a bottle to get their fix. With the Source Water Dispensing System by Oliver Craig, thirsty people will no longer have the excuse of inconvenience or inaccessibility that leads them to buy bottled water.

The Source Water Bottle Dispensing System is designed to be purchased by retail shops and other businesses in the UK and placed in the street, so that those passing by can stop in for a refill. The catch is that the special water bottles must be purchased from the high street shops in order to give them access to fresh, clean drinking water. For hygienic purposes the water bottles have a valve in the base, so that the part of the bottle that makes contact with the mouth never comes in contact with the dispensing machine, therefore eliminating the opportunity for germs to pass from one person to another.

The Source Water Bottle Dispensing System comes with an added perk that benefits both the high-street businesses that have installed the machine and the thirsty green-minded person passing by in need of a drink, since contained in the water bottle by Source and the system is an RFID Technology that transfers points to the bottle. Since these points can be redeemed at the retail location, shoppers and commuters have an added incentive to use the green water system with the prospect of free merchandise; and the shop itself recruits new clientele to their brand.

As society moves away from purchasing drinks in disposable bottles, there’s a whole word of opportunity for new technologies and gadgets that help us adopt a waste-free water bottle way of life.

Via (citation and images): Yanko Design


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