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Buildings Palo Alto Approves Law To Make New Homes Friendly To Electric Cars

Published on December 17th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Palo Alto Approves Law To Make New Homes Friendly To Electric Cars

Back in October, I wrote about a citizen push to make all of Palo Alto’s new homes “electric car friendly.” The effort has officially succeeded. Last week, Palo Alto City Council adopted an ordinance that requires all newly built homes include adequate circuitry for charging electric vehicles. This also applies to tear downs/rebuilds.

All in all, this will only affect about 110 homes a year, as Palo Alto isn’t exactly a booming metropolis. However, that’s still a great policy that will help more families to switch to electric vehicles in this well known city, and hopefully this policy will be picked up by other municipalities around the nation and replicated there.

We will hopefully see more good electric vehicle news come out of Palo Alto in the near future, as it reportedly has a goal of becoming “the most electric-vehicle-friendly city in the world,” a title I think it will have to try to pry from a Norwegian city (probably Oslo). Even for the North American title, it looks like it has some catching up to do in order to reach Normal’s status.

If you missed it back in October, here was one Palo Alto family’s testimony in support of the EV-friendly-home ordinance Palo Alto City Council just adopted:

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  • Shiggity

    At the time of a house build, running another 240V line to the garage is like 100′s of dollars…It’s common sense.

    It boggles my mind that house builders don’t run Cat5 wire all over houses as a standard.

    • Bob_Wallace

      At least run the conduit. The wire can be snaked in later.

      Same for a conduit up to the roof for later solar installation.

      I think it’s San Francisco which is now requiring new apartment parking lots to run conduit for EV charging. Pulling a wire is easy if the conduit is in place and conduit is cheap.

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