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Cars electra 2 handmade EV closeup

Published on September 23rd, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Handmade EV & Converted EV In Kiev, Ukraine (CT Exclusive)

Aside from the Bio Auto electric car I wrote about the other day, I also got to check out a couple of interesting DIY electric vehicles while I was in Kiev, Ukraine*. Video and pictures of these EVs are below.

This first EV is certainly something special. As you’ll hear in the interview, the 75-year-old man in the following videos built the Electra 2 by hand. He’s an inventor who has had a successful career despite no formal training, and he builds EVs in order to get more people aware of and inspired by the awesomeness that they contain. This is his second handmade EV (the first one is called Electra 1). Pretty awesome car. Here’s a video from riding in it:

Here’s one with a bit more details about the car:

Here’s one in which we find out a little bit about the creator of the car:

The creator of the car thinks it would be better with a solar panel on top (if someone wants to donate a panel):

Sound is a bit low here, but here’s one final thanks to the folks who made this ride possible:

This second EV was actually converted from a gasmobile earlier this year. EV conversions are nothing new, but very cool nonetheless. This is actually my first time riding in one, and I have to say that it felt awesome — the same as other EVs. Here’s an interview about the car with the man who converted it, including a bit more info about the group that came out for me on that day to show off their EVs:

And here’s a video from my ride in the car:

Here are several additional pics of these cars (all images courtesy of Alternativa):

As with the Bio Auto electric car I previously wrote about, the ride in all of these was super fun, smooth, and quiet. The pickup is also great, natch.

*Full disclosure: My trip to and around Ukraine was supported by Activ Solar, greencubator, and Alternativa. Alternativa organized this portion of the trip.

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  • Jon

    That is awesome

    • Zachary Shahan

      So awesome. :D Wish I had more time with them, but it was a pretty rushed week. Squeezed this in at the last minute.

      Loved all of them, but absolutely loved that handmade one! :D

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