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Published on August 8th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Cleantech Breakfast Platter (Nissan Leaf Review, Solar Laptop…)

Here’s another cleantech break platter for you. Links to our own stories are on the subheadings.

Cleaner Transport

  1. 5 Elements of Sustainable Transport
  2. Study: Cyclists Gravitate Toward Streets With Protected Bike Lanes
  3. A Year & A Half With A Nissan LEAF Electric Car By Sam Koblenski


  1. How Much CO2 Are You Saving With Solar? Dashboard Makes It Easy To Find Out
  2. Yingli Says It Targets 10% of Australia Solar Market
  3. World’s First Sport Utility Laptop Is Fully Solar-powered And Runs Linux

Renewable Energy


  1. Renewable Energy Infographic Fun
  2. California Has More Green Power than Nuclear
  3. A High-Renewables Tomorrow Today: King Island, Tasmania
  4. Good News! Wind and Solar Power Double Under Obama
  5. Government Inaction Is Turning Off Investors Who Want To Back Green Energy

Energy Efficiency

  1. Cuba’s Little-known Energy Revolution (Part 4): Macroeconomic and Indirect Benefits of Efficiency
  2. Linking Energy Efficiency to Economic Productivity: Recommendations for Improving the Robustness of the US Economy


  1. Japan PM Orders Proactive Government Role To Clean Up Fukushima
  2. Japan Says Fukushima Leak Worse Than Thought, Government Joins Clean-up


  1. Sustainable Economics: Tim Jackson gives a reality check
  2. Donovan Kealoha of Lanaians for Responsible Growth, at Envision Hawaii
  3. The Best Energy Information from the Crowd!
  4. The Promises and Perils of Geoengineering
  5. How To Protect America’s Public Lands During The Energy Boom
  6. Native Americans Arrested While Protesting Tar Sands Equipment Transport Through Tribal Lands
  7. Bridge Or Gangplank? Study Finds Methane Leakage From Gas Fields High Enough To Gut Climate Benefit
  8. Groups Score Victory in Fracking Wastewater Fight

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  • Paul Sagala

    Bravo Zachary!! This is from your admirers, in recognition of the great role you are playing on raising consciousness globally on very important energy issues, new technologies and trends.
    We are also starting at a small level, hoping to sustain the drive, as at starting with some background information on Uganda and hopefully about the regional later Africa issues later, and, at for short reviews of a few global developments.
    We need your prayers and support to keep a new flag on Africa flying…….

    • Zachary Shahan

      Awesome, thanks! :D Good luck!

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