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Clean Transport Totally Awesome Bus Stop Service! (VIDEO)

Published on March 1st, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Totally Awesome Bus Stop Service! (VIDEO)

Don’t pass this one up. This video below captures life at the coolest bus stop in the world (or one of the coolest). Enjoy, share with friends, and hey, consider pulling such stunts at a bus stop in your city!

TreeHugger‘s Michael Graham Richard and a reader over there, Elijah J. had some useful thoughts upon watching this video.

Elijah wrote: ”It’s pretty incredible advertising but it got me thinking: why in the world don’t we have this kind of fun promotion for public transit?”

And Michael added on: “Indeed, if advertising didn’t work, car makers wouldn’t be spending billions on it. They might not know exactly what works (there’s the old cliché that in ads, you are wasting half your money, but you don’t know which half), but it certainly gets people interested. So how is public transportation supposed to compete and grow if very few resources are invested in reaching potential ‘customers’?”

I don’t know where things stand today, but last I heard, the industry spending the most money on advertising was the automobile industry. Certainly, there are much cheaper, healthier, and many would argue more fun and interesting ways to get around. (See: Save $10,000/Year Riding Transit and 10 Benefits of Bicycling and The Most Underrated Reason You Should Bike (+14 Biking Videos), for example.) But the fact of the matter is: advertising sells. And while there are actually more logical options for transportation, we’ve been sold the need for cars more than might be good for us (well, according to health science, far more than is good for us).

We could see huge financial and economic savings, time savings, and quality of life improvements if we balanced out our transportation choices a bit more.

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