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Cars Image Credit: BYD e6 Vehicle via albertma/Flickr (Some Rights Reserved)

Published on January 25th, 2013 | by Adam Johnston


Shenzen Police Department Adding 500 BYD e6 Vehicles

BYD, China’s electric car manufacturer has won a bid to provide its fleet of e6 electric vehicles to the Shenzen police department in China.

The purchase of BYD’s fleet of vehicles in Shenzen is just a part of a broader movement towards sustainable transportation in China, as the country aims for five million electric vehicles on the road by 2020, according to Autoblog Green.

Meanwhile, BYD is helping the southern Chinese city in its on-going quest to electrify its fleet. It also provided 200 buses, 300 taxis, and plans to add an additional 500 each of electric buses and taxis in the future.

Within the past year, BYD has continued to grow its market share, primarily in emerging market countries. Last summer, the company gained a foothold in Uruguay, providing 500 electric buses, as they move towards clean technology.  Bogota, Colombia, known as one of the top sustainable cities thanks to its public transportation system, signed up for 46 e6 vehicles to boost its taxi fleet.

BYD Helping to Move Chinese Cleantech Brands Up the Global Ladder

As BYD continues to expand and gain a foothold in the global economy, its not the only clean-tech brand from China to move up the ladder for global dominance. Earlier this month, Chinese solar manufacturer Yingli Green Energy jumped past other companies to become the top solar manufacturing company in the world.

As prices of EV batteries continues to drop there is lots of potential for BYD to not only further its foothold globally, but be a true leader in helping to boost sustainable transportation options in emerging market countries that are looking to leapfrog past fossil fuel based modes of transport.

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