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Published on June 25th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


NYC Solar Map Should Get Boost from NYC Stars

madonna solar power

The “New York City Solar Map” was launched last week. The map shows both existing solar PV & solar thermal installations in the Big Apple as well as solar PV rooftop potential across the city. As you can imagine, the potential is HUGE.

Solar rooftops could provide the city with about 50% of its peak electricity demand!

“The New York City Solar Map is a tool that all New Yorkers can use to learn about the potential for solar on their buildings and across the city. It also provides practical information and steps for installing solar,” the site for the map says.

Now, this is a great-looking project and hopefully it will help to spur a lot more solar projects in NYC. But rather than just leave it at that, the folks over at txchnologist came up with a rather cool idea: get some NYC stars on board to get this thing really going!

In particular, the folks over there picked out the homes of a number of NYC icons and celebrities who could solar up. Looking at Madonna’s $30-odd million Manhattan townhouse, Denzel Washington’s, Yoko Ono’s, Calvin Klein’s, Jennifer Aniston’s, Henry Kissinger’s, Ed Koch’s, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s, and a few others’ NYC homes, they found that these high rollers could create hundreds of kilowatts of solar power (the typical home solar array can create 5 kilowatts).

Good idea! Hope some of these stars will pick up on the challenge and look to install some solar power. “New York’s solar revolution has to start somewhere and celeb rooftops seem as good a place as any,” the txchnologist writes. Certainly!

Here’s a great follow-up idea from one of our Facebook readers: “How about a competition between NYC and Hollywood, CA.” Love it!

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Photo via David Shankbone

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  • Jeffhre

    If NYC can provide 50% of peak electricity needs with solar, I wonder what Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Miami could do?

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