Software for a Carbon-Free Future

A CleanTech Talk Podcast Miniseries

Taking action on climate change and leveraging it for the benefit of your organization demands dedication, innovation, and the ability to translate ambition into meaningful action. Many corporate leaders find the transition from setting goals to achieving results to be a daunting challenge.

In this miniseries, we explore how software can empower and accelerate the corporate climate action journey in four essential areas:

  1. The Big Picture: Corporate decarbonization, from establishing NetZero targets to addressing Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, is a complex undertaking. It’s crucial to ground your strategies and timelines in scientific principles and adhere to established standards for efficiency, decarbonization, and renewable energy objectives.
  2. The First Steps: Decarbonization is today’s challenge for everyone. When it comes to corporate action on climate, there are leaders, and there are laggards, and there’s everyone in between. It’s important to ensure you are learning from other leaders in your industry and networking with solution providers who understand what it takes to implement climate action.
  3. Optimizing Electricity Usage: The common second step in decarbonization—and, for some companies, the only step they may be familiar with—is optimizing for efficiency. However, resource optimization will only get a company so far down the decarbonization pathway; at some point, it becomes necessary to replace high-emission energy sources with lower-emission energy sources. So, how are corporations succeeding at purchasing renewables? A combination of expert advice and software can help remove barriers.
  4. Dealing with upstream emissions: This broad category is a subset of Scope 3 emissions, and includes everything in your value chain to produce your product. For many organizations, value chain emissions not only make up the highest amount of their total emissions footprint but are also the most difficult to address. According to Deloitte’s Sustainability Action Report, 86% of companies reported challenges just MEASURING it, let alone ACTING on reducing it.
Image courtesy Schneider Electric

On our journey toward a decarbonized world, we must be ready to embrace risks and venture into uncharted territories. Together, we are learning to overcome obstacles, navigate challenges, and seize new opportunities to advance the clean energy movement. Over the next four episodes, CleanTechnica podcast hosts will interview several of the visionaries behind sustainability software company Zeigo, by Schneider Electric. Tune in as we explore the decarbonization landscape and discuss how software can help us all get there together.


This podcast miniseries is sponsored by Zeigo / Schneider Electric.