Trusted Partners

CleanTechnica partners with companies and individuals who are verified experts in their field. We call them Trusted Partners, and these are people we may turn to for insights, interviews, and verification of a particular set of assumptions when we are covering topics and new technologies in fast-changing clean tech industries.

If you are invited to join the Trusted Partner program…

…and are pinged for interviews, please make sure you have read and agree to our guidelines below:


  1. Provide accurate and unbiased information
  2. Help the clean tech industry as a whole
  3. Contribute to the greater good of understanding


  1. Promote your or your company’s own agenda, technology, or other self-serving end
  2. Advocate for things that reflect favoritism
  3. Put anyone else down in the industry, even if subtly
  4. Lie, slander, infringe, or libel

How you can join our Trusted Partner program

If Zach or Scott reach out to you to invite you to become part of our Trusted Partner program, all you have to do is say yes.

If you would like to join but haven’t been invited, you can get recognized as an expert by our editors by showcasing your expertise through commenting on our articles and bringing real value to move the clean tech conversation forward. If you’re consistent in this and our team sees you as an expert, we may start to feature some of your quotes in articles, which can be great exposure for your company, nonprofit, or yourself (e.g., for consultants, authors, etc.).

Got an idea for someone we should have as a subject matter expert? Contact us here.