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Subcompact EV Hatchback For Drivers In Wheelchairs

Originally published on Planetsave. President Obama meets with Kenguru CEO Stacy Zoern (photo: More than three million Americans can celebrate when they hear this story. Made in the USA but in demand worldwide, the Kenguru—a driver-only electric vehicle with no seats—promises mobility-challenged people unprecedented access to the everyday world … [continued]

Zero-Emissions LEGO Car Nails It

An insane life-size zero-emission car made out of LEGOs recently had its official debut. Sam Laird of Mashable calls it “the ultimate nerd invention.” Steve Sammartino (‪@sammartino‬), the Australian entrepreneur, concept designer, and marketing guy who dreamed up the LEGO car, and Raul Oaida (@oaida) — a brilliant, self-taught, 20-year-old … [continued]

Denmark Presents: The QBEAK EV

Tiny little electric vehicles make a lot of sense for people living in urban environments – and (tell the truth, now) how many of you live in a city? Even with a relatively short range, small electric vehicles thrive in their natural habitat of […]