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The Electric Workhorse N-GEN Gives Fleet Owners Another Way To Switch To Electricity

Here’s another fleet owner’s way to switch over to electricity — the Workhorse N-GEN, which our own Steve Hanley covered recently here.

When it comes to electric options, better options, 2017 has also been good to fleet owners. They haven’t been left alone and new players have jumped into the market, such as the revolutionary Chanje platform, helping them to switch over to electricity. After exploring Chanje, I wanted to dive into another workhorse — pun intended — the Workhorse N-GEN.

Why Electric Truck From Ground Up > Electric Conversions (Workhorse Story)

When the Workhorse W-15 plug-in hybrid electric truck was unveiled to the public at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, the folks from InsideEVs (like our own Kyle Field) had an opportunity to sit down with Workhorse CEO Steve Burns for an extended interview. The specs for the W-15 are now known — 60 kWh battery, 80 mile range, 0–60 in 5.5 seconds, stainless steel chassis, onboard range extender engine supplied by BMW. What isn’t so well know is how Workhorse began and how it got to where it is today.

Workhorse Electric Truck (with Range Extender) Has Stunning Specs

A representative from Workhorse reached out to Gas2 and CleanTechnica this morning via email to share some preliminary specifications for its upcoming W-15, which it believes is the first plug-in, range-extended pickup truck built from the ground up by an original equipment manufacturer. The Workhorse W-15 electric truck is specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial fleet operators. The representative also forwarded two photos of the chassis without the bodywork.

Workhorse Group To Unveil W-15 Electric Pickup Truck In May 2017

We recently provided some exclusive reporting (specs and renderings) on a plug-in electric pickup truck concept being put together by Workhorse Group — one that the company apparently intends to be the “most economical, safest and lowest emissions pickup truck in America.” Following that news, the company has now revealed that it will be unveiling a working version of the W-15 electric pickup work truck concept, with range extender, at the upcoming ACT EXPO Conference in May 2017. We’ll have a reporter there to get the full rundown.