Beyond Utility 2.0: Part 3 “The Future”

Originally posted at ilsr.org. Unfortunately for utilities, new technology and commercial opportunities in the coming years are only increasing the threat to the 1.0 business model. Solar energy is growing exponentially as costs have fallen 28% per year from 2009-2013, and electricity from rooftops is approaching or passing parity with … [continued]

Solar Net Metering A Subsidy To Utilities?

When Robert Nohavec of Park City, Utah; Jabbar Graham from Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and Don Born, of Waldoboro, Maine installed solar on their homes, they had something unexpected in common. They were all giving back to their electric company and their community. That’s because solar energy systems tend to … [continued]

VOST Pros & Cons

Originally published on PV Solar Report. By Rosana Francescato Solar advocates around the country express varying views on the Value of Solar Tariff. Being proposed as an alternative to net metering, the policy has its pros and cons — but some worry that it imposes a tax on solar customers … [continued]

TalkSolar/CleanTechnica Podcast: Democratic Energy

In this week’s TalkSolar/CleanTechnica podcast, Beth Bond chatted with John Farrell, Director of Democratic Energy at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Regular readers are very familiar with John’s work, as he has been contributing on CleanTechnica since 2011. Nonetheless, it was great listening to John talk about distributed renewable energy benefits, net metering, … [continued]