US 100% renewable energy

On the Road to 100% Clean Electricity: 6 Potential Strategies To Break Through Last Few…

Study Surveys Trade-Offs of Technology Options To Overcome Challenging Last Few Percent to Zero-Emissions U.S. Power Grid A growing body of research has demonstrated that cost-effective high-renewable power systems are possible, but costs increase as systems approach 100% carbon-free electricity—what has become known as the “last 10% problem.” The increase … [continued]

Photo by Zach Shahan/CleanTechnica.

A 100 Percent Renewable Electricity Calculator for the United States

In 2020, I wrote an article describing the flaws in studies that claim that 100 percent renewable energy is unaffordable. I talked about these studies overestimating storage requirements and opting for inadequate renewable energy storage. I argued in favor of using more power-to-gas technology to achieve an affordable 100 percent … [continued]