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US National Archives and Records (Public Domain)

Human Aversion To Urban Environments Makes CleanTech More Important Than Most Think

I recently came across a discussion on social media that both shows a common misconception and an important fact about human nature. Strangely enough, an idiotic political account started the discussion that led to something insightful. https://twitter.com/zdeegs23/status/1614666515722440704 For those who are using a screen reader or those who need a … [continued]

Bonn Meeting Revs Up World Climate Change Efforts

A ten-day meeting to hone the draft text of the Paris 2015 universal climate agreement has begun in Bonn, Germany. Presidents of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Lima COP20 (Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the deft and diplomatic Environment Minister of Peru) and the upcoming Paris COP21 meetings (Laurent Fabius, who is … [continued]