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Great Britain Goes A Fortnight Without Coal

May 31st, 2019 | by Joshua S Hill

As of writing, Great Britain has currently gone a whole fortnight without generating any electricity from coal, smashing all previous records and ringing the death knell for the country's coal industry. 

Britain Nears 12 Days Without Coal

May 29th, 2019 | by Joshua S Hill

Great Britain is on its way to going 12 days without coal generating any electricity, smashing the previous record set only a few weeks ago and solidifying coal's increasing irrelevance in the British energy mix. 

The UK Surpasses 1,000 Coal-Free Hours In 2018

July 18th, 2018 | by Joshua S Hill

The UK's dwindling interest in coal-fired power has long been known, but it looks like the effects of the country's coal phase-out are going to hit a monumental peak in 2018 as the country has surpassed 1,000 hours without using coal already in 2018. 

Great Britain Goes 55 Hours Without Using Coal

April 20th, 2018 | by Joshua S Hill

In a Tweet posted on Thursday, the UK's electricity and gas owner National Grid confirmed that Great Britain had gone over 48 hours without any coal electricity generation, which was further confirmed to play out to be nearly 55 hours in total. 

Following UK Example Countries Could Cut Global Emissions By 3%

March 27th, 2018 | by Joshua S Hill

A new study published by researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Sheffield has shown that the UK's ability to cut emissions from electricity production by 25% in 2016 could be used as a model for other countries to adopt and quickly reduce global carbon emissions by 3%

Coal Plant Development Continues To Drop For Second Year Straight

March 22nd, 2018 | by Joshua S Hill

The development of coal-fired power plants fell significantly for the second year in a row in 2017, with new construction down by 73% between 2015 and 2017, thanks in large part to tighter restrictions in China and a lack of private financing in India. 

Wind, Solar, & Energy Efficiency Replacing Coal In The UK

June 13th, 2017 | by Joshua S Hill

Wind and solar energy, as well as energy efficiency measures, are serving to replace the overwhelming majority of power which in the UK had previously been supplied by coal power, according to a new analysis conducted by Greenpeace's Energydesk. 

UK Wind Outperformed Coal In 2016

January 9th, 2017 | by Joshua S Hill

New analysis of figures from Carbon Brief has shown that the UK generated more electricity from wind than it did from coal during 2016, a first for the UK.

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