Largest Investors In Utilities Are Voting Against Climate Risk Disclosure

Exxon Mobil shareholders earlier this year successfully voted to demand climate risk disclosure in a move which was widely held as a bellwether for similar moves across the sector, but a new report from Preventable Surprises has revealed that some of the largest investors in utilities are voting against climate risk disclosure, preferring private engagement over public proxy votes. 

Climate Finance: The Hottest Issue At COP22

Climate finance is likely the most important issue the delegates of COP22 are working on. The term refers to the local, national, or transnational loans, grants, and other financing put forward to meet climate change goals. Finance may come from public, private, and/or alternative sources. The table below presents current sources of climate finance data.

COP21 BTDT: UN In Overtime Again This Year

Yes, an enormous cheer was to rock the world today, celebrating the unanimity of human will in our struggle with atmospheric carbon and its toxic accompaniments. Maybe tomorrow. Last night, COP21 President Laurent Fabius convened another overnight round of open-ended informal consultations (“Indaba of Solutions”) for parties to the convention to address the … [continued]