Electric Trucks, Buses, & Fast Chargers Need Innovative Electricity Rates From Utilities

Charging an electric truck or bus at a fleet depot — or an electric car at an apartment, workplace, or a public fast-charging station — should be far cheaper than filling up on gasoline or diesel. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case at sites that receive electricity under utility rates designed for commercial buildings and industrial operations that don’t reflect the flexible nature of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Fortunately, a newly-released report explains how utilities can remedy that mismatch by offering rates designed for commercial EV charging.

California Rolls Out Default Time-Of-Use Rates

Originally published on RMI Outlet. By Laurie Guevara-​Stone California’s three largest investor-owned utilities will soon go through a major electricity rate reform. Currently the state uses a four-tier inclining block rate in which heavy electricity users push into the upper tiers where they pay quite a bit more for those … [continued]