Tesla California

Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Top California Auto Sales in 2023 — Thanks, Cali!

Tesla’s rapid growth and success have been seen more clearly in California than anywhere else. Considering California is the company’s birthplace, that’s not too surprising, but the extent of the company’s rise up the automotive ladder in The Golden State is actually jaw dropping. In general, Tesla has become a major automaker in the United States (the 8th largest in the country when it comes to 2023 vehicle sales), but in California, it’s truly in the top tier of the auto market and fighting for the #1 spot.

Tesla Sales = 4.6% of California Vehicle Sales in Q3

Plug-in electric vehicles accounted for 7.1% of California car sales in the first three quarters of the year — fully electric car sales accounted for 4.1% and plug-in hybrids 3%. That’s a pretty big story, as the market share is well above the US average and also higher than the EV market share in almost every country on the planet.

However, the bigger story is that one brand now carries the bulk of those sales on its shoulders. That brand, of course, is Tesla.

New Tesla Superchargers Hint At Future Of Public Charging (& Not Just Because They Have…

Tesla emailed approximately an hour ago that it just opened North America’s largest Supercharger station … er, two of them.

What’s more interesting to me is that they represent a transition into a different charging dimension. Kyle Field and I have been talking about this for a couple of years — the future of public charging needs to include more amenities, more relaxation opportunities, more commercial attractions, and just overall more ::stuff:: (forgive the consumerist language and implications here).