Solar & Waste Heat (TalkSolar Podcast)

Leveraging waste heat is a model for making any energy production more efficient. In the TalkSolar podcast below, I interview Phil Brennan, I his company’s technology fits in with the solar equation and the DOE project that is exploring waste heat and the solar connection. Echogen Power Solutions is taking what was once waste and … [continued]

Mississippi Is Getting Solar!

Look at any national map for any clean tech category and there is usually a big blank spot in the Southeast US, especially for solar, but don’t discount the Southeast! The Southeast has the second best solar potential in the country in regards to production, and is now overcoming traditional … [continued]

Build Clean While Banking Green

I interviewed Ken a couple of years back as First Green Bank was finishing its LEED Platinum Bank. The first bank to go platinum on the east coast, First Green Bank and Ken have turned their eyes towards making central Florida a solar hot spot. Unfortunately, with Florida’s current Governor, Rick … [continued]

Maximizing Rooftop Solar

In the latest TalkSolar episode, I interview Ralph Velasquez of NewWind, out of Nashville, Tennessee, about NewWind’s new way of maximizing solar on your roof. Find Additional Energy Podcasts with Talk Solar on BlogTalkRadio   Ralph has been involved in the roofing and building industry since 1978, and renewable technologies since 1999. In his career, … [continued]

Solar Policy On The Muni Side

Jennette Gayer did something outside the box. Instead of taking the traditional approach of tackling solar at the state level, she decided to look at how solar policy could help solar installations at a city level. By looking at policies in big and small cities in Georgia, Gayer identified some … [continued]