ChatGPT & DALL-E generated allegorical image depicting the concept of focusing on a small part of a problem in one area while ignoring a much larger issue elsewhere.

Best Carbon Capture Facility In World Emits 25 Times More CO2 Than Sequestered

The best carbon capture site in the world, Norway’s Sleipner facility run by Equinor, creates 25 times more CO2 from natural gas than was sequestered. And is paid for the gas and the sequestered CO2.

“The Accountants Are Taking Over” In The Oil & Gas Industry

Most energy companies today report on their climate, environmental, and social impacts. In the EU, they are even legally obliged to do so. But how transparent are these reports? How can they be compared? And how will they be used by investors and policymakers? Clare Taylor spoke to a number of experts and learned that energy companies are increasingly under pressure to improve their non-financial reporting – and that there is more legislation to come. Meanwhile, one NGO is working on a global benchmark. “The accountants are taking over.”