Homes with rooftop solar. Photo by Werner Slocum, NREL.

160 Communities Now Automating Solar Permitting with SolarAPP+

More than 160 communities in the United States are now using Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+™), a free, online software platform for local governments that standardizes, streamlines, and automates the solar permitting process. The platform has helped local governments approve more than 32,800 projects, saving more than 33,000 hours of … [continued]

Safer, Faster, Cheaper Rooftop Solar: How SolarAPP+ Is Cutting Through Bureaucracy To Boost Solar Deployment

More than half a million residential solar systems were installed in the United States in 2021, representing a 30% year-over-year uptick in installed solar capacity. This is great news for households looking to both stabilize and lower their energy costs, but for the thousands of local jurisdictions responsible for permitting … [continued]

NREL-Led Solar Permitting Software Reduces Project Times By 12 Days

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released a new pilot study on the Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP+) tool — a free, web-based platform for automating residential solar permit approval—revealing the platform’s impact in the communities where it is deployed. The results of the study are impressive: The software substantially reduces the … [continued]