Solar Power Costs

Debunking Manhattan Institute’s “The ‘New Energy Economy’: An Exercise In Magical Thinking” — Part One

I was discussing the dramatic drop in coal use in the US and the dramatic rise in renewable energy production and one of my many conservative friends* referred me to this report to explain why physics proves that there is no way we can transition to renewable sources affordably, that all the innovation is coming on the fossil fuel side, and that renewables have hit a brick wall and won’t be improving much at all.

Distributed Solar PV Benefits & Costs

This article first appeared on Solar Love. The Rocky Mountain Institute’s eLab has created a new report on solar power benefits and costs (distributed solar PV benefits and costs, to be specific). This is a critical effort, and a very useful report to help that effort along. Better valuation of distributed … [continued]

Solar Grid Parity in North Carolina (New Study)

As John Farrell noted in an article in January, grid parity is a complicated matter (and doesn’t take into account important health costs, greenhouse gas emissions costs, and grid costs). But grid parity is rather important because it relates to what actual consumers directly pay for solar-powered electricity compared to conventionally … [continued]