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Solar Energy News Buffet

As noted in an article yesterday, I’ve been very busy in the past month (well, months…) moving into a new home and following the birth of a sweet little cleantech lover. Inevitably, “roundup articles” of important or interesting cleantech news we didn’t cover dropped off as a result. With a big backlog … [continued]

2012 Solar Predictions Reviewed

It took me awhile to get to this one, but this article by Rosana Francescato (originally published on the PV Solar Report) gives a pretty thorough overview of how various 2012 solar predictions fared. Of course, when reviewing predictions from numerous sources, there’s going to be quite a bit of … [continued]

Renewables Deploy Fast

Here’s another great post from the always thoughtful Karl-Friedrich Lenz, reposted from his site, Lenz Blog (image added): Amory Lovins, in an open letter to Obama at Huffington Post: These technologies scale faster than any other. No form of traditional generation — coal, gas, or nuclear — scales nearly as fast as efficiency, … [continued]