Solar Electric Power Association

Solar Starts Giving Utilities A Bargain Fuel Option

In its latest Utility Solar Market Snapshot (2014, published last month), the US Solar Electric Power Association offers renewable energy interests some welcome news: solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive to utilities. Since the shale gas boom, solar has become the fastest-growing power source in the nation, and the Solar Energy … [continued]

Clean Power Research Lowering Solar Soft Costs by Bringing Interconnection Processes Online

Clean Power Research — a solar research, consultation, and software development firm — recently won the Innovative Solar Partner of the Year Award for its work cooperating with utilities to bring distributed solar interconnection processes online via proprietary software. By bringing said processes online, some of the “soft costs” associated … [continued]

Top 10 Solar Utilities

Originally published on Cost Of Solar. When it comes to integrating solar power into the energy distribution system, the solar PV array that the homeowner or building owner installs is only one part of the equation, because the local electric utility company is a key component of this renewable energy revolution. Without … [continued]

Top 10 Solar Utilities (x 2)

Utilities + solar — it’s a hot topic. And it’s not always a peaceful topic. Today, we’ll lighten things up a bit with a couple of positive utilities + solar lists in this Solar Love repost. The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) recently released its latest SEPA Utility Solar Rankings. Of … [continued]

U.S. Utilities Get Solar Power Tour of Japan

While the fossil fuel industry continues to wreak havoc over the American landscape in pursuit of coal, oil, and natural gas, U.S. utilities have started to make a collective shift toward safer and more secure sources of energy.  Last spring, a utilities industry research group partnered up with the new … [continued]