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As noted in an article yesterday, I’ve been very busy in the past month (well, months…) moving into a new home and following the birth of a sweet little cleantech lover. Inevitably, “roundup articles” of important or interesting cleantech news we didn’t cover dropped off as a result. With a big backlog … [continued]

Sustainable Brands 2014 | Adapting to the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy rose up on the strong foundation of social media as a way for people to survive the recent recession. It has persisted and grown stronger as job growth continues to stagnate and people enjoy making extra money. The sharing economy also reduces consumption by enabling people to rent instead of owning. This has proven very popular, especially with the Millennial generation, who are known for being less interested in car ownership. How can brands compete?

Open Marq (A Sharing Economy Website) Opens

Originally published on Ecopreneurist. The idea of the sharing economy has been getting a lot of press these days, with some hailing the rise of collaborative consumption as a more sustainable model than the current one, where everyone needs to own one of everything, and some decrying the term sharing economy as being nothing of … [continued]