Image from Renault Group

Autonomous Shuttles For Roland-Garros 2024: Renault Group To Launch An Ambitious Level 4 For Public…

Renault Group has chosen to approach the autonomous vehicle strategy in the years to come by separating expectations for individual vehicles from the needs of public transportation: For the individual vehicle: assistance rather than autonomy, with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) at the top level of the market for even … [continued]

Courtesy of Volkswagen/MOIA, © Dirk Eisermann/FAKTOR3

Volkswagen ID Buzz Robotaxis for Hamburg

Volkswagen has been talking about ID Buzz robotaxis for years. More than three years ago, I wrote that the ID Buzz would be the first Volkswagen vehicles to drive autonomously, according to Volkswagen. Last year, we wrote about 10 self-driving ID Buzz vans coming to Austin, Texas. Naturally, these don’t … [continued]