record heat

Price comparisons, BEV and HEV. Chart courtesy Auto Punditz.

Hottest Day Ever — 3 Days In A Row

I wrote a story yesterday about Monday being the hottest day ever recorded by humans. It turns out, the next day, Tuesday, was hotter. And then yesterday was hotter still. Maybe I shouldn’t write and publish this article until tomorrow to see if we go for 4 days in a … [continued]

Image courtesy of Ford

Monday Was The Hottest Day Ever Recorded

If it felt exceptionally hot to you on Monday, that’s because it was. Monday was the hottest day ever recorded by humans. The global average temperature on Monday was 17.01°C (62.62°F). That’s up from 16.92°C (62.46°F), the previous record set in August 2016. Of course, the heat doesn’t hit everywhere … [continued]