Pumped Hydro

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of a heavy, white fluid glugging out of a pipe

Dense Fluid Pumped Hydro Doesn’t Make Any Sense & A Mea Culpa

A recent online discussion on gravity storage brought the usual suspects out of the woodwork. Proponents of heavy fluid pumped hydro reared their sludgy heads this time. Follow along for why this is a silly idea, as all gravity storage options that aren’t pushing water uphill turn out to be. … [continued]

ChatGPT and DALL-E generated image of one of the deeply stupid gravity energy storage nonsense ideas.

Gravity Storage 101, Or Why Pumped Hydro Is The Only Remotely Real Gravity Storage

In my recent article celebrating the great month that pumped hydro had, between the Loch Ness Red John facility selling to Statkraft, the UK finally settling on cap and floor for the technology and China having 365 GW of power and 4 to 8 TWh of energy storage under construction, … [continued]

Slide from Michael Barnard's seminar on grid storage through the Indian Smart Grid Forum

Balancing Renewables Requires Big Grid Storage, But What Kinds? (India Seminar Slides & Transcript)

Under the auspices of the India Smart Grid Forum, the think tank founded as an umbrella organization over India’s 28 state utilities to provide thought leadership, share leading practices, and bring international insights to India, I’m delivering bi-weekly webinars framed by the Short List of Climate Actions That Will Work. With the … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-e generated panoramic image depicting the contrast between Germany and Australia in terms of nuclear energy

Germany’s CO2 Off 10%, Coal & Nuclear Down, Gas Networks Next, Oz Debates Nuclear

Recently I was engaged in an odd conversation online, one that spanned from Australia to Germany, almost exactly the opposite sides of the world. Australia is in the throes of a deeply odd energy conversation about whether nuclear generation is necessary or not (it isn’t). The leader of the Australia’s … [continued]