Have You Ever Wanted To Live In A Net-Zero Log Cabin? (VIDEO)

Originally published on 1Sun4All. Visiting the Solar Decathlon is a thrilling adventure that I highly recommend. The teams were introduced at the opening ceremony to great enthusiasm from the audience, and the houses are shining examples of each team’s creativity and dedication to sustainable, comfortable living. Each house that I visited had imaginative features … [continued]

California Grid Hit Record Solar Peak

  The Californian power grid hit a record peak of solar generation on June 8, according to Stephanie McCorkle, Director of Communications of the California Independent System Operator, with 849 megawatts of solar generation on the system. McCorkie noted, in a conversation with Greentech Media, that “the solar record would … [continued]

Peak Wheat?

The ever-increasing bounty of agriculture has been with us as long as I can remember, but it may have finally hit the dreaded Peak, according to a new study published in CropScience by Robert Graybosch, a geneticist at the University of Nebraska and James Patterson, a geneticist at Oregon State … [continued]