The Many EV Startups That Were Supposed To Threaten Tesla But Didn’t

Over the years, as we’ve noted several times, certain electric vehicles from traditional automakers have been hyped as “Tesla killers” (mostly by members of the media and Wall Street, not the automakers). Those EVs have not turned out to be Tesla killers. On the contrary, the Tesla Model 3 is the top selling EV in the world and several of these “killers” have very limited sales.

CHINA X Cleantech — 1st Edition

China is the largest emitter of CO2. It has also firmly cemented itself as a global leader in clean technologies. Sooner or later, we will see Chinese electric cars sold globally, and Chinese solar cells and solar panels already dominate global sales. In early editions of CHINA X Cleantech, we’ll spend some time figuring out who’s who and what does what.

Byton (New Chinese Global Electric Vehicle Brand) Starts With An “SIV”

In the electric vehicle (EV) world, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of Chinese electric vehicles and global startups. China is doing everything it can to establish its international brand in this arena — perhaps the hottest new consumer market of the 21st century. It makes us wonder how the West will react? Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, GM, Daimler, and others have strong statements on electric vehicles and autonomous ones at that, but how prepared are each of them to genuinely compete?

NIO (NextEV) Aims To Sell Self-Driving EVs In USA By 2020

NIO, formerly known as NextEV, is aiming to begin sales of self-driving electric vehicles in the US market by 2020, according to a new press release from the company. The company’s autonomous vehicle platform will, going by the new press release, feature a voice-activated AI “digital companion” known as NOMI, which will apparently personalize your “driving experience” depending on activities and road conditions.