Daimler Trucks, NextEra, & Blackrock Form Heavy-Duty Charging Company

Medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks, like any electric vehicle, require charging infrastructure that is both accessible and effective. However, charging infrastructure for these vehicles presents a bigger challenge than that of smaller electric vehicles due to their larger size and greater power requirements. Firstly, medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks typically … [continued]

What About Florida? Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy, & Regulatory Backwardness In The Sunshine State (Part…

For traditional investor-owned utilities (IOUs) in Florida, corporate policy remains keyed on maximizing electricity sales and effectively justifying construction of new generation resources that are a high source of profit for stockholders. As regulated monopolies, IOUs are guaranteed a profit by the public service commission (PSC) both for selling electricity and associated transmission lines, but particularly for building power plants. And Florida with its fast-growing population and thus expanding residential sector with high levels of cooling electricity use has guaranteed the need for new power plants. As such, the state has been a gold mine for its IOUs in the state — the average household spends nearly $2000 annually for electricity. With millions of accounts, this is a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream.