Image from Argonne Lab & Chicago Transit Authority

Argonne-led Study Highlights Public Transit’s Critical Role Across Chicago

Research shows crucial role of Chicago’s public transit in maintaining mobility, economic stability, and supporting vulnerable populations A study by Argonne and MIT reveals the significant impacts of losing public transit in the Chicago region, from pollution spikes to increased traffic congestion to economic downturns. Public transit is vital to Chicago’s metropolitan … [continued]

Image courtesy of the researchers, MIT.

Cobalt-Free Batteries Could Power Cars of the Future

MIT chemists developed a battery cathode based on organic materials, which could reduce the EV industry’s reliance on scarce metals. Many electric vehicles are powered by batteries that contain cobalt — a metal that carries high financial, environmental, and social costs. MIT researchers have now designed a battery material that … [continued]

Revolutionizing Color Technology & Solar Energy

Case Western Reserve University physicists are developing ultra-thin optical coatings that could dramatically extend the life of solar panels, as well as improve areas like data storage, or protection against counterfeiting. “Imagine a world where surfaces not only display vibrant colors, but also serve as efficient energy-harvesting platforms,” said Case … [continued]

Megawatt Electrical Motor Designed By MIT Engineers Could Help Electrify Aviation

Aviation’s huge carbon footprint could shrink significantly with electrification. To date, however, only small all-electric planes have gotten off the ground. Their electric motors generate hundreds of kilowatts of power. To electrify larger, heavier jets, such as commercial airliners, megawatt-scale motors are required. These would be propelled by hybrid or … [continued]