Michael Steele

Why Do Top Republican Leaders & Former Trump Admin Endorse Joe Biden?

When you’re on one side of the “political divide” and you see a lot of bad stuff about the president of the other side, it’s easy to think, “how the hell does anyone support this person?” However, it’s much harder for someone to turn on their “party leader,” especially if they have white hair and have been a dedicated member of that party for their whole adult life.

30 Cases Of Anti-Humanity Extremism From Republicans In Congress & Donald Trump

Clearly, the political focus of the year is a certain mind-boggling presidential candidate who hardly touches policy matters — and when he does, tends to push absurd ideas and proposals that would tank our economy, lead to world war, destroy our climate and environment, and piss off our allies. However, as I wrote the other day, Donald Trump’s success in politics wasn’t magic — far from it. Donald Trump’s success in politics was built on the back of decades worth of conspiracy theories and anti-science rhetoric and extremism from the Republican Party. (Come on, people, there’s a reason he won the GOP nomination.)