Mercedes Benz Vans

HelloFresh Begins Delivering Food In Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans

A funny thing for an American who moves to Europe or visits for a bit is seeing Mercedes-Benz vans, trucks, and even buses. In the US, we’ve got the luxury cars and SUVs, but Mercedes delivery vans and heavy-duty vehicles is an odd concept. Now, if you go to Belgium, you may even see electric Mercedes delivery vans delivering food boxes (prepared meals). They include a special design for keeping the food cool.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Reveals adVANce — 3-Pronged “Strategic Future Initiative” Focusing On Connectivity, New Hardware Solutions,…

Mercedes-Benz Vans just revealed its new adVANce “strategic future initiative,” an initiative focused on 3 main areas of coming change: greater connectivity, new hardware solutions, and on-demand transportation services. According to a press release, the company will “no longer be a mere manufacturer of globally successful vans and the associated … [continued]