NREL: 23% Of Global Electricity Generation Supplied By Renewable Sources

Originally published on 1Sun4All. The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) released a report — 2012 Renewable Energy Data Book — in October of 2013 regarding the status of renewable energy globally and in the US. The report has an abundance of great charts and, in reading through the pages, I discovered that renewable energy accounts for 23% … [continued]

Bitcoin’s Environmental Problem

The world of environmental problems is bad enough without adding digital problems to the mix, but that’s just what Bitcoin has done by virtue of being the most popular digital currency currently available.  Bitcoin, for the uninitiated, is “a digital currency which was first described in a 2008 paper by … [continued]

Germany Installs 775 MW Of PV In Q1 2013

Derived from German-language reports, Germany’s Federal Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier, announced that the country had added 290 megawatts (MW) of new photovoltaic capacity in March. This information comes ahead of expected Federal Network Agency figures, but if the information proves to be accurate then that not only means that Germany … [continued]

Spain and America Dominate Solar Thermal Market

  Spain and the United States currently dominate the global solar thermal market thanks to the continued soaring of fossil fuels and supporting government policies, according to a new report by GBI Research, a market-leading provider of business intelligence reports. The GBI Research report, Solar Thermal Power Market to 2020 — … [continued]