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Spatial Mismatch — Sprawl & Poor Transit Further Unemployment

Social and economic equality and inequality have many root causes. A paper published in the mid-196os examined the “spatial-mismatch hypothesis.” John Kain, an economist at Harvard University, found a significant connection between unemployment rates (especially in minorities) to this theory of the geography of unemployment. The description “spatial mismatch” finds higher low-income community unemployment due … [continued]

Pure Electric Bus Pilots In Turkish Market

Present-day Turkey is at a midpoint for change in many directions. Being a cultural intersection (with stirring Turkish politics), Turkey is energized and is culturally and artistically engaging. One positive note is Turkey’s shift towards making changes toward sustainable solutions. In metropolitan areas, this vibrant county already employs one of … [continued]

Traveling is Alive with Playful Spaces

  Traveling is alive and well; traveling as the means to the end,… or rather, traveling becomes the means, and the buoyant end, middle, or beginning of the day. Imagine hoping the bus is late, because the bus stop is so much fun: “Playful Spaces” is a project completed by Bruno Taylor as part of an MA Industrial Design Course … [continued]

UTC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sets Performance Record on Oakland AC Transit Hybrid Electric Bus

A hydrogen fuel cell-powered hybrid electric bus supplied by UTC Power for the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District has set a performance record by operating for over 10,000 hours. The milestone is another step toward reducing the life cycle cost of hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles, which produce zero emissions and are more than 50% efficient in terms of converting energy to power.