Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP)

BLUETTI AC240 portable power station

Power Beyond Limits With New BLUETTI AC240 IP65 Weatherproof Portable Power Station

BLUETTI, the pioneer in portable power solutions, is gearing up to revolutionize outdoor adventures once again with its latest innovation, the AC240 IP65 Water Resistant Portable Power Station.  Building upon the success of its predecessor, the AC60, a 600W/403Wh all-weather solar generator, BLUETTI is now raising the bar with the … [continued]

Image courtesy of the researchers, MIT.

Cobalt-Free Batteries Could Power Cars of the Future

MIT chemists developed a battery cathode based on organic materials, which could reduce the EV industry’s reliance on scarce metals. Many electric vehicles are powered by batteries that contain cobalt — a metal that carries high financial, environmental, and social costs. MIT researchers have now designed a battery material that … [continued]

Australia To Jump Into LFP Industry

Electric vehicles need batteries. Batteries need cathodes. Australian mining needs to move up the value chain. All these needs will be met by the establishment of Avenira’s LFP cathode manufacturing plant in Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory. The cathode manufacturing plant will be linked to Avenira’s Wonarah phosphate project 1010 … [continued]