Lithium air battery

Nanoengineered EV Batteries Zap Range Anxiety

Range anxiety, or concerns about how far electric vehicles will travel on a single charge, is one of the biggest limitations facing the EV industry. In fact, a recent survey said only 20 percent of American drivers would consider buying an EV with a 100-mile range. But what if EVs could drive 500 miles on a single charge?

That’s exactly what one of America’s most innovative companies is working on. energyNOW! correspondent Josh Zepps looked under the hood of a next generation battery design that uses nanotechnology to make EVs more powerful than ever.

Ordinary Pencil Offers Solution for Elusive Lithium-Air Battery

As their name suggests, lithium-air batteries are much lighter than their lithium-ion counterparts, giving them vast potential for use in electric vehicles and portable devices. There’s a big catch, though. Commercial development of rechargeable lithium-air batteries has stalled partly over the presence of moisture in air, which reacts violently with lithium. Now a team of scientists