Lightning eMotors

Image provided by Lightning eMotors.

Saint Louis Taps FAA Funds To Get Electric Shuttle Buses From Lightning eMotors

For many people, transit seems like an obvious environmental improvement over people driving in individual ICE cars. When buses are full and driving at efficient speeds, that’s true, but the transportation landscape is changing. Not only are personal vehicles getting more efficient, but many buses drive around almost empty a … [continued]

Photo courtesy of Lightning eMotors.

Lightning eMotors Jacks Up Electric School Bus Production With GM-Based Lightning ZEV4 Platform

Lightning eMotors has begun production of its next-generation Type A electric school bus that is built on the GM 4500 platform. In the 130,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Loveland, Colorado, the first orders for nearly 70 next-generation Type A electric school buses have started to move across the production floor. Over … [continued]

Lightning HQ aerial photograph. Carrying forward the spirit of innovation at an HP legacy site.

My Tour of Lightning eMotors

I was impressed pulling into the lot at Lightning eMotors. A hundred or more white vans from Ford and GM were arrayed in rows, waiting for their turn to be transformed into battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Lightning eMotors, covered by CleanTechnica in 2021 here, here, and here, specializes in creating … [continued]