Laurent Fabius

Renewable Energy & Davos

Editorial note: If, like many Brazilians, you were on holidays for most of January, you might have missed two important international summits of relevance for climate and energy. Luckily for you, CleanTechnica was there to cover them while you were out and about on your first full-electric road trip (or whatever … [continued]

COP21 BTDT: UN In Overtime Again This Year

Yes, an enormous cheer was to rock the world today, celebrating the unanimity of human will in our struggle with atmospheric carbon and its toxic accompaniments. Maybe tomorrow. Last night, COP21 President Laurent Fabius convened another overnight round of open-ended informal consultations (“Indaba of Solutions”) for parties to the convention to address the … [continued]

Informal French Conclave Moves Climate Talks Forward… Sort Of

Earlier this week, the French government hosted another round of a series of informal leadership consultations on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The climate talks helped prepare for November-December’s 21st UNFCCC’s Conference of Parties. Earlier this year, Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development and President of … [continued]