kinetic energy

Charging Your Electronics In A Rainstorm

Anyone watching Swedish scientist Anja Lund working out on an aerobic stepper recently might have thought it a strange way to get fit. She was stepping while holding a shoulder bag, its arm strap dripping with water. In this case, exercise was secondary to science. Lund wasn’t attempting to break a sweat — rather, she was trying to simulate a brisk walk in the rain.

The Cognicity Challenge — Initiative To Give Smart-City Technologies Opportunity For Real-World Testing

Twelve new “smart-city technologies–based” startups will soon be getting the opportunity to test out their technologies in the real world — at the recently opened High Growth Space:24 in One Canada Square. The initiative has been dubbed “the Cognicity Challenge.” The Cognicity Challenge — put together by the Canary Wharf Group — is launching at … [continued]

Power From Your Legs

Kinetic energy is a renewable energy resource we don’t give much attention to. Very simply, it is the energy of motion. Capturing this energy and using it to create electricity is possible, and it is done routinely in certain systems. However, for the most part, it is too inefficient of a process to … [continued]

Harnessing The Energy Of Laughter, Curiosity, And Play, Empower Playgrounds Illuminates Rural Ghana

Harness the energy of laughter, curiosity, and play, and you have caught up to the power of wind and sun. Who hasn’t heard it said, “If only I had their energy,” studying a group of children spontaneously capturing the essence of the day. Yes, children are kinetically buzzing spirits, naturally sending out spiraling cords … [continued]