Janette Sadik-Khan

City Planning Rock Star Janette Sadik-Khan Talks Urban Planning Leadership — #CleanTechnica Interview

Janette Sadik-Khan is a top rock star in the world of city planning. She led NYC’s recent transportation transformations under Mayor Bloomberg. In the interview, Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica’s director and chief editor, returns to his roots as he interviews Janette Sadik-Khan and talks urban transport leadership. Zach’s master’s degree was in city and regional planning (from UNC-Chapel Hill). UNC–Chapel Hill was ranked the #1 grad school in the nation for his specialization the year he graduated. The pair, on the same page, were brought together by Autonomy 2017.

NYC Gets a Huge Bike-Sharing Network, Largest in North America, Thanks to Janette Sadik-Khan (Citibank…

  As someone in love with 3rd-generation bike-sharing systems before the large majority of Americans knew anything about them, I’ve been eagerly anticipating and covering NYC’s huge bike-sharing plans for years. This could transform NYC. Bike sharing did so in Paris, and NYC’s program is to be a similar size. Additionally, … [continued]