Industrial Revolution

Study: Detectable Anthropogenic Climate Change Began In 1830s, Much Earlier Than Previously Thought

Detectable anthropogenic climate change began considerably earlier than previously thought, according to new research from the international Past Global Changes 2000 year (PAGES 2K) Consortium. The new work — which involved input from 25 different researchers from across Australia, the US, Europe and Asia — found that anthropogenic warming first … [continued]

Pioneering Solar Impulse 2 To Crown Its US Journey

Rolling hills, greening woodlands, and orderly farms grace Pennsylvania’s Lehigh River valley, where Solar Impulse 2 landed on the world’s first solar-powered circumnavigation last week. Small cities—Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton—dot the piedmont countryside. You would never expect the peaceful Lehigh Valley to be hosting a high-tech superstar of the 21st century. … [continued]