Harnessing The Energy Of Laughter, Curiosity, And Play, Empower Playgrounds Illuminates Rural Ghana

Harness the energy of laughter, curiosity, and play, and you have caught up to the power of wind and sun. Who hasn’t heard it said, “If only I had their energy,” studying a group of children spontaneously capturing the essence of the day. Yes, children are kinetically buzzing spirits, naturally sending out spiraling cords … [continued]

Hydrovolts, Inc. Fishes for New Energy in Old Canals

The Seattle-based company Hydrovolts, Inc. has discovered an economical way to tap waterways for hydroelectricity.  Rather than damming mighty rivers or installing turbines in unpredictable oceans, Hydrovolts has aimed its sights on a much smaller target: placid canals and other managed-flow water courses.  Even at low flows, a predictable and … [continued]