Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

1st Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Full-Scale Project Under Construction (CleanTechnica Exclusive)

Sitting at a Hyperloop Transportation Technologies presentation here at Autonomy, it was fun listening to Chairman Bibop G. Gresta talk about transportation problems and then how hyperloops can help solve them. He’s a funny guy, and he put the problems of current transportation methods into stark terms (using pictures and videos from the real world, of course).

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Begins Building Full-Scale Passenger Hyperloop Capsule

Whatever you may think about the Hyperloop idea (I remain a skeptic, personally), things do appear to be moving forward. With regard to Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one of the companies trying to commercialize the idea, it has apparently started constructing a full-scale passenger hyperloop capsule — following 3 years of research and development efforts.

Hyperloop illustration. Image Credit: SpaceX

First Full-Scale Urban Hyperloop System Coming To California — 5-Mile Stretch In Central Valley Planned

Whatever your opinion on the technology may be, it looks as though the proposed Hyperloop transportation system previously championed by Elon Musk is now actually going somewhere, based on a recent press statement. According to the statement, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has come to agreement with the developers of a “sustainable … [continued]

Hyperloop illustration. Image Credit: SpaceX

Hyperloop Company Created

If you’re not sure what the hyperloop is, take a stroll through our previous hyperloop stories. The latest hyperloop update is simply that a company has been created to move the concept forward. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is the name. Other news is that the initial feasibility study has already been … [continued]