hydrokinetic power

1st Commercial Hydrokinetic Projects Approved in US

New hydrokinetic energy technologies that generate electricity by harnessing the energy from ocean waves, tides, and river currents are advancing toward commercial development in the United States. They are not expected to add major power supplies anytime soon, but federal regulators this year approved licenses for two hydrokinetic energy projects to produce electricity from wave power buoys anchored off the Oregon coast and from underwater turbines driven by the current in New York City’s East River. […]

A Man, a Plan, a Canal…Hydrokinetic Power!

Hydrovolts, Inc. has been going at clean hydrokinetic power hammer and tongs with a mini-turbine called the Flipwing.  The company is specializing in drawing sustainable energy in the form of hydropower from existing canals and other waterways where the current is predictable.  The Flipwing is a self-contained device similar in … [continued]