Nio EC6 in towing mode slightly showing the hidden rear spoiler raised. (Photo from Nio)

NIO Gains Manufacturing Qualification & Buys Factories

On October 4th, 2023, NIO received independent vehicle production qualification, and on the 5th of October, 2023, NIO announced it had bought the assets related to the JAC–NIO joint manufacturing facilities from JAC. This is a major milestone in NIO history as it becomes a fully-fledged auto manufacturer in China. … [continued]

It’s Not Just Shenzhen — Jaw-Dropping China Electric Bus Roundup

We’ve published a couple of articles recently on Shenzhen’s dramatic electrification of over 16,000 buses — something completely unprecedented around the world. But to say this is an isolated case of Chinese electric bus leadership would be to miss the much bigger and broader story. Below is a roundup of electric bus stories from China from November and December. The full article on EV Obsession covers the whole year, January–December of 2017, in this way. Check it all out if you want to really be blow away or want to turn your brain into a mesh of electric bus stories and statements. —Zach