Grid Storage

Slide from Michael Barnard's seminar on grid storage through the Indian Smart Grid Forum

Balancing Renewables Requires Big Grid Storage, But What Kinds? (India Seminar Slides & Transcript)

Under the auspices of the India Smart Grid Forum, the think tank founded as an umbrella organization over India’s 28 state utilities to provide thought leadership, share leading practices, and bring international insights to India, I’m delivering bi-weekly webinars framed by the Short List of Climate Actions That Will Work. With the … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of a hot air balloon tethered to the ground by an electricity cable covered in sparks

Compressed Gas For Electricity Storage Claims Are Mostly Hot Air

Three years ago, I published my projection of grid storage demand and solutions through 2060. At the time, various compressed gas electricity storage solutions such as compressed air, liquid air, and liquid carbon dioxide were in my also-ran technologies. My review of the literature over the preceding years had made … [continued]