grid resiliency

New Mark Z. Jacobson Study Draws A Roadmap To 100% Renewable Energy

Last August, Mark Jacobson, a renewable energy expert and senior fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University, was the leader of a study that identified how 139 countries around the world could obtain 100% of their energy from renewable sources by 2050. But that study got some pushback from people who questioned its assumptions. The naysayers said the study relied too heavily on energy storage solutions such as adding turbines to existing hydroelectric dams or storing excess energy in water, ice, and underground rocks.

NREL Finds Future EV Charging Demand Will Require Coordination Between Utilities & Car Owners

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory finds the existing grid can cope with the needs of electric cars until they represent 25% of all cars on the road. But clusters of EVs in one neighborhood may overload existing transformers or shorten their useful life. Coordinated charging using smart grid technology will be necessary in the future for grid resiliency,

US Energy Industry Associations Urge FERC To Reject DOE Proposal To Subsidize Coal & Nuclear

A diverse group of a dozen US energy industry associations which represent the oil, natural gas, wind, solar, efficiency, and other technologies, have come together to urge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject the Department of Energy’s proposal to subsidise the coal and nuclear energy industries, claiming that such a proposal is unsupported by record and would throw a costly wrench into the nation’s electricity markets. 

Opposition Grows To DOE Energy Secretary Perry’s Coal & Nuclear Bailout, Manufacturers Claim It Will…

Opposition continues to grow and solidify against US Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s plan to prop up the country’s coal and nuclear industries by subsidizing their supposed contribution to grid resiliency, with a diverse group of 12 energy industry associations and a large group of manufacturers calling on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ditch the plan. 

Wind Power Could Improve Grid Resiliency

A new study investigating wind power and grid resiliency by GE’s Energy Consulting business in late-August found that wind power can substantially enhance grid resiliency when coupled with appropriate modern plant controls. Scenarios where the US electrical grid suffered large-scale interruptions, such as multiple power plants tripping offline, were the … [continued]